I’m Moraima Paula Luna, owner of Paula Luna Photography. I consider myself a moody fine art wedding and elopement photographer with a shot of elegance and a sprinkle of adventure. I am based in Colorado and will travel anywhere your adventurous heart desires.

I firmly believe that capturing two people madly in love is all about the moment in time, that one moment and emotion you can refer back to years from now and still revive as if it was yesterday. Being able to document your memories on the day that means everything to you is nothing but such a humbling experience to me. I’m fascinated by love and the stories behind it, and I can’t wait to hear yours!

Breckenridge Wedding Photographer & Elopement Photographer

Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bride standing again an old rock wall
Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bride and groom standing out in the snow
Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bridal party standing outside in the rain with umbrellas
Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bride resting her head on groom's shoulder wearing his suit coat

"The common good
equation is Love”

Wald Wassermann

Wedding and Elopement Photographer, couple standing next to large body of water holding hands
Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bride with her bouquet on a mountain

Our Services

Whether it is your wedding, elopement, or engagement session, capturing timeless joy and love is important. You always knew your wedding day deserves all the special treatments, including photography.

You need more than a traditional wedding photographer to make your special day a beautiful memory to cherish forever.  We can be your go-to wedding, elopement, and engagement photography experts. Our team is highly dedicated to preserving precious moments for you. Can’t wait to be a part of your journey!

Dreamy. Cinematic. Epic.

Paula Luna Photography captures your genuine love behind the lens. We believe you deserve the wedding photography experience you have ever dreamed about. You can decide the experiences and adventures you want to enjoy on your big day. We will work harder to help you capture your special day that resonates with your personality.

What to Expect

The Booking Process for Paula Luna Photography to capture your special day is simple... 

  • When you send your initial inquiry to us, Paula Luna Photography will quickly call you to know a few further details.
  • We will jump on an up to 10 minutes call to connect and hear your story. We will discuss a few details about your event. The details may include location, the theme of the wedding, what you expect from your photographer, the type of photographs you want, and much more. 
  • Different packages for wedding, elopement, and engagement photography are available here. You can easily choose the one that suits your needs the best.   Once you have booked the photography services you want, we will keep coming to you throughout the preparations and planning section.
  • Before your wedding, engagement, or elopement day, we will hop on a Zoom call to help put a face to the name and break any ice. Here we will discuss all your photography priorities and what we have planned for your special day. The practice will not only help us understand each other’s points but also let us develop a bond. 
Wedding and Elopement Photographer, bride walking down a dirt road with her bouquet

The Blog

Wedding and Elopement Photography, bride and groom standing out front of an old beautiful estate

Let's Chat

Ultimately we are together pretty much the entire time you book me for a wedding, so I even consider my brides my friends because that’s what a friend is. I, as your wedding friendtographer, want my friend to look good and beautiful through my photos. I am the kind of friendtographer that will react to a text, and I am the kind of friendtographer who will support you before, during, and after your wedding day. I don’t just want to document your special day; I want to document your milestones. We meet from time to time. It all begins with a quick chat or text to get to know one another, followed by a Zoom call to put a face to the name, so literally, what are you waiting for?! Let’s bond!

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