A Complete Overview of Essential Shots Every Wedding Album Needs

Everyone puts incredible work and effort into making their wedding day beautiful. Capturing it in the best possible way is also imperative to hold your special life memories. If you have hired your desired photographer, it would be better to map out the must-have photos you want them to capture.

What photos should you take at your wedding?

To make things simple for you, we are describing the wedding shots in four different categories. These categories are vital for most wedding albums. Understanding these will certainly help you determine what to expect in your wedding album:

  • The people’s photos contain the moments of the bride and groom with their parents. It will also feature a family group photo, a couples portrait, and photos with friends.
  • The wedding ceremony should include walking down the aisle, taking vows, having a first look, first kiss, and exiting as a couple.
  • Reception traditions should contain shots of people dancing, cake cutting, speeches, and other rituals.
  • The fourth part will contain the couple’s photography or anything else that’s important for the couple.

Must-have shots for your wedding album. Here are a few must-have shots to add to a wedding album that you must know. So, here we go:

  1. The bride’s dress and shoes

Brides love to have pictures of their wedding day dresses and accessories. Capturing a special, full-length, solo portrait showing everything would be perfect. Taking a still-life image of a dress, shoes, and other accessories can also be a good idea here.

  1. Details of your wedding day décor

Every wedding décor typically contains certain elements that the couple wants to remember. These typically include wedding stationery, jewelry, bouquets, boutonniere, signage, ring pillow, and other accessories.

You must give your photographer the details of such must-shot items to keep them as a memory.

  1. The first look

Capturing the reaction upon looking at each other is another must-shot moment at a wedding. It will certainly be a valuable keepsake of such an emotional and memorable moment of your wedding day.

  1. Newlywed’s portrait.

A newlywed’s portrait is a money shot of every classic wedding day element. You can even consider framing the portrait and hanging that to relive that moment daily.

  1. Walk down the aisle and take vows.

The processional and taking vows are also must captured moments of every wedding. You want to capture this moment in your wedding album regardless of who you walk down the aisle.

Taking vows and exchanging rings are other not-to-be-missed shots of your wedding day.

  1. First, kiss as a married couple.

The first kiss is another important moment to capture in ceremony traditions. If you capture the intimate couple’s moments, the first kiss must be in the wedding album.

  1. A family photo:

Create a list of all the important family members you want to take a photo with. It will be great to have dressed-up pictures of them all.


So, these are the essentials for every wedding album. Creating a shot list and sharing it with your wedding photographer is always the best to make a perfect wedding album.

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