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Paula Luna Photography will give you an intentionally intimate, beautifully creative, and authentic wedding photography experience. The day’s focus here will be just you and your partner. Consider Paula Luna Photography your best wedding photographer, cheerleader, elopement expert, and go-to adventure partner. We are all set to be with you anywhere you want on the day you say your vows.


“We all are so deeply interconnected; we have no option but to love all. Be kind and do good for any one and that will be reflected. The ripples of the kind heart are the highest blessings of the Universe.”
- Amit Ray

Wedding Photography

We believe your wedding day is always a celebration of your commitment and love for each other. Therefore, it is also filled with beautiful moments you will love to cherish forever. Paula Luna Photography can help you capture these beautiful moments to treasure forever.  Our wedding photography services can encapsulate your big day’s real essence. We know how to preserve the emotions, beauty, and joy that unfold throughout your big day.  Our comprehensive photography coverage ensures that none of the precious moments are missed. We will capture everything from the bride down the aisle to intimate vows exchange and celebrations with your loved ones.  We understand that a wedding is more than saying “I Do.” It is one of the moments that define your love and bond. 

What makes our wedding photography special? Our experienced and knowledgeable team always documents every detail of your event. So, you can have a timeless image collection that will authentically reflect your beautiful love story. Our captured photographs will help you relive these emotions and feelings whenever you look at them.

We are not just your wedding photographer; we can:

  • Offer you endless moral support throughout the photography session
  • Provide you with proper guidelines to make your wedding photographs look perfect
  • Help you craft a memorable experience to fill your day with awe and excitement
  • Capture every second of your special day to give you incredibly beautiful memories for life
Wedding Photographer, bride and groom looking in opposite directions, standing in an open field
Wedding Photographer, groom wrapping his arms around bride and giving her a kiss on the cheek
Elopement Photographer, couple sitting together in a field, bride looking up at groom
Elopement Photographer, grooming dipping bride in front of their jeep
Elopement Photographer, groom tipping bride's chin up for a kiss

Elopement Photography

Paula Luna Photography is more than just your elopement photographer. We will co-create your “just us” elopement photography experience. Saying yes to elopement means you aren’t going to the traditional route; it will open the floodgate of options for you.  Eloping will allow you to be just you. You can better focus on your relationship on the wedding day.  Paula Luna Photography will let you shed the anxiety and stress of everything. We can help you make your elopement fun, meaningful, intimate, stress-free, intentional, and emotional with our photography services. 

What our elopement experience is all about? Here is what our elopement photography experience is all about:

  • Picking how you desire to get married
  • Valuing your elopement experience
  • Focusing, celebrating, and capturing the beautiful journey that has brought you together
  • We will capture the love and memories you have together through adventures

With our elopement photography, we will make your love and connection feel effortless, like an inseparable force.  Book an elopement experience with Paula Luna Photography to celebrate who you truly are! Simply choose your dream adventure destination that makes you feel whole. You will have an experience connecting all your senses

+ Adventure

Celebrate your love and connection in breathtaking locations and save these beautiful moments with Paula Luna Photography. We specialize in capturing the essence of your adventurous soul and creating stunning engagement photographs.

Our engagement and adventure photography sessions will help us reflect your unique bond more beautifully. Whether you want to hike through majestic mountains or plan to exchange rings on a scheduled beach. We are always ready to document your story and love in a thrilling and extraordinary situation.

We understand that your engagement marks a big milestone in your journey together as a couple. Therefore, we have designed our engagement photography services to capture this special time’s intimacy, joy, and excitement.

We always work hard to create an enjoyable photography experience for you. In addition, we will let your connection and love shine through our creativity.  We also help in capturing your shared interests at your chosen location. So, book our engagement and adventure photography services to let us capture and preserve these anticipation moments for later. We always have an artistic approach to all the photography services we offer.  Paula Luna Photography is committed to delivering exceptional image quality in each photo we capture. With the help of our attention to detail, technical expertise, and industry experience, we always ensure that photographs are stunning visually. You can expect an image collection you will love seeing and cherishing. 

Engagement Photographer, couple walking down the middle of a road holding hands
Engagement Photographer, close up of couple looking at each other and holding hands


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