How to Embrace Outdoor Settings in Engagement Photography

There are several benefits of choosing an outdoor engagement setting, including great photography options. However, many couples go for an outdoor engagement setting thinking of that, but their engagement photos don’t come out great. If you don’t want the same to happen to you, here is our take on embracing outdoor settings in engagement photography.

How to Embrace Outdoor Settings in Engagement Photography?

Here are the top 10 ways you can embrace outdoor settings in engagement photography.

  1. Pick the right spot with sentimental value.

The engagement spot must be a special one for both, and usually, people select the spot where they first met or confessed their love for each other. That place holds a special value for both, and there will be no better place to pick than that location.

So, suppose you want to embrace outdoor settings in your engagement photography. In that case, you must go for the right place since the sentimental value it holds for the two of you will significantly affect your emotions, affecting your photos.

  1. Map out a background with a great view.

While picking the place of your choice, you must also pick the right background. The background plays a huge part in your photos. For instance, if you are selecting a canal or river bank, you will have multiple options to select the background, including:

City view at the back Water view at the back

Nightlife environment, etc.

So, make your photos pop out with the right background complementing your life for each other. No matter how perfect everything else is, you won’t enjoy the best engagement photography services if your background selection is not perfect.

  1. Pick the right time, sunrise or sunset.

The whole environment must be perfect for your photos. The best times for outdoor photography are during sunrise and sunset since the colors of the sky look exceptional, and so does the scenery. If you pick the wrong time, the following factors can ruin your photos:

  •  Lighting conditions
  •  Heat or cold in the environment
  •  Presence of the public, etc.
    Since it is your special moment with your partner, you must pick one of the times from sunset or sunrise. However, you can pick any other time as per the recommendation of your photographer.
  1. Plan things with people around.

Sometimes you are not alone in the location and have many people around you. The best you can do to surprise your partner is to plan things with those people since that makes the experience completely different. In some cases, the people around will be your other friends, while in other cases, those people could be the general public.

Remember that planning with a few people will always be easily manageable. So you can surprise your partner much better.

  1. Pick the right clothes.

Your clothes also matter for your outdoor engagement photography. The clothes usually matter on the type of location you are selecting, but when your partner picks clothes for the day, you must pick ones that will match both the environment and your partner as well.

It is the best way to embrace outdoor settings for engagement photography since it will make the photographs look like everything was planned and set up before.

  1. Use nature to your benefit.

You must use nature to your benefit. No matter what type of environment and location you pick, there will be some impact on nature’s elements. Instead of going against them, you can go with them. For example, if you pick a beach as your location, seawater will be a perfect addition to your pictures. Similarly, plants on a picnic, hiking, or camping location will be perfect.

The key to having great pictures is to use nature to your benefit and use it as your background or prop for outdoor engagement photography.

  1. Direct and pose with confidence

Confidence matters the most during engagement and engagement photography. If you want to get great outdoor engagement photos, you must be confident, and for better pictures, you can consult your photographer. The best engagement backgrounds, angles, poses, etc., are a few things that photographers are familiar with.

So, if you don’t have any ideas, you can always consult with the photographer to make your engagement look much better.

  1. Don’t forget the candid photos.

A good photographer always captures the most precious moments, and candid photos turn out to be great for an engagement. So, when selecting your outdoor settings engagement photographer, ensure they cover your moments with candid pictures. The thing about candid pictures is that your emotions and expressions are natural.

Moreover, you and your partner blend in with the environment so well, which results in your outdoor engagement pictures looking stunning, even if you are a camera-shy couple.

  1. Try images from multiple angles at different times

If you picked sunset for your outdoor engagement time, you must try multiple angles and light conditions. It is because if it is a surprise for your partner, the photographer cannot bring all their lighting gear, and you must

work with the natural light. You will get images with different aesthetics when you try multiple times within that specific time frame. Now combining them with the right angles will make your pictures stunning.

  1. Use the natural light to your benefit.

Light has the most important role in outdoor photography; if you go against it, your moments will be ruined. Since you are selecting a specific location, choose the background and time accordingly since you don’t want the natural light to hit you from the back since that is not good for outdoor photography.

Planning everything perfectly with your photographer will help you embrace the outdoor settings for engagement photography. It will beautifully capture precious moments from this valuable event in your life.

Final Words:

Engagement photography is vital, especially when you select outdoor settings for your time. So, opt for our outdoor engagement photography services to ensure that your precious moments are captured in the best way possible.

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